My name is Jaspreet chahal and I am a lead analyst web programmer with one of the reputable companies based in Melbourne Australia. I also run my blog which you can visit by directing your browser to this url. I am author of various software tools and wordpress plugins and majority of them are available for free ranging from jQuery plugins to wordpress plugins and others.

Why I thought of tool like this
Well simple answer is that my wife hate to type and this will help her with her notes taking. Thing is that this is just an experiment tool at the moment and will be expanded to do a few things in future. I am adding more and more commands at the moment. so hopefully we will have a good speech to text editor one day.

Why do I ask for donations
Well! thing is that hosting this service on a dedicated VPS cost money and all the volunteer man hours I put in maintaining this service are unpaid. I hope that you understand.

Why only chrome
Well! In my humble opinion Chrome is king of all browsers at the moment. The speech control that chrome offers is something special. I am just making some use of feature set in chrome.

Why this service is free
Well! Simple answer to this is that I simply can't charge for this tool. I am just a medium for utilizing much outstanding work done by others.

I hope that you will enjoy this tool. Let me know how this service can be improved and I will work on your feature request if I like it.

Jaspreet Chahal
Lead Developer

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