This website works only on my beloved browser Google Chrome. If you have'nt already then download it

Few things you should know

  • This service is FREE for everyone.
  • This service make user of Google Chrome's Speech box.
  • If your speech is not recognized because of any reason. I can't do much there.
  • We have very simple terms and conditions and privacy policy, please read them before you proceed with this service.
  • This service is written by Jaspreet Chahal, To maintain this service it takes time, so please consider donations.
  • Try it now! (login required)

Need reasons to love this tool?

Hopefully Easy to use

Oh yes! It will take some time to get used to. So don't loose heart, you will become expert in no time. Make sure you click on that mic button before you speak. I haven't mastered it yet myself.


There is nothing suss with this tool. I am writing this as a placeholder for something else in future. I think I will do a video with my weird accent to show how this thing works. Oh and yes! I do not spam.


You got questions and I may have answers. Either goto to make an initial contact or use contact us form on this website. Depending on work load I will get back to you as soon I get a chance.


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